Shroom Snacks

This is our old Mushroom Biltong (Jerky).  We had to change the name due to legality of using the word “Biltong” for a non-meat product.

Not in the mood for meat? We love meatless Mondays! Our Shroom Snacks is the answer to your cravings! You can add to your salad!  Warning! Do not open before the time to taste! You will snack away the whole packet!

  • Made from 100% Shiitake Mushroom. Shiitake is not just about the flavour but also a whole bunch of healthiness.  Did you know?  Shiitake is packed with vitamin D, zinc, choline, and B vitamins and help building your immune system.
  • The comment we hear the most on this product: “I can’t belief it is not real biltong!”
  • For the adventurous among us – it is a perfect snack to throw in your backpack for that hiking trip! 50gr in a re-sealable pouch.


Why you’ll love it!

  • Perfect energy snack for that not-so-hungry
  • Convenient – open and enjoy
  • Plant based is the new buzz word


What else can I do with it

  • Add to salads as croutons
  • Mix with omelettes or use as pizza topping
  • Add to vetkoek dough or mix with dough for focaccia bread
  • Serve with biscuits & cheese – it just compliment a cheese platter
  • Enjoy with cream cheese on biscuits.

Ingredients: Shiitake Mushrooms, Vinegar, Soya sauce, Coriander

Allergens: Mushrooms, Soya

Flavours: Plain & Chilli

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