Flaming Sauce

Delicious Habanero Sauce with Smokey Shiitake Mushrooms and it contains NO SUGAR.

Engage your health through smarter and eco-friendly food choices. Eat plant based food. SharLeBel’s Flaming Habanero Sauce is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Made from the delicious Habanero Chilli which is rich in flavour with an undertone of fruity and floral notes.

How to use my favourite sauce?

  • Enjoy with all food
  • Topping on pizza or use as burger sauce
  • Heat up your pasta with this tasty sauce, packed with flavour
  • Add to mayo and use as a dip or as Prego steak sauce
  • You can spice up biltong (jerky). Mix with SharLebel’s Mushroom biltong for spicy snack.

Heat Level : 7/10 but packed with flavour

Ingredients: Habanero, Vinegar, Oil, Red Chilli, Garlic, Xantum Gum, Citric Acid, Mushroom Salt, Herbs, Spices

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