A few weeks ago SharLeBel Mushroom Team went to Prince Albert Food and Olive Festival. Chef Francois Ferreira did the food demonstrations during the festival. Charlene took a brave step and asked him to taste our products and gave feedback.  He was over the moon with our products! We were speechless. Chef Francois used the Shiitake Meatrub in a chicken dish in the next food demonstration which was absolutely divine!

He then invited us to the Francois Ferreira Academy Suppliers day. To prepare SharLeBel Mushrooms for this day, he and his team prepared the following savoury dishes :
– Cheese Muffins with a mixture of Shiitake Meat Rub and Shiitake Stock Powder
– Focaccia bread with Shiitake Biltong, Shiitake Meat Rub and Shiitake Stock Powder

We served it with De Rustica Olive Estate’s, Estate Medium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Sponsored by  De Rustica Olive Estate!

Chef Francois also gave us valuable advice on our Shiitake Pickle in Seed and Olive Oil Product. So yes , we have improved our Pickle Shiitake Recipe! He used the new improved Pickled Shiitake and made a Shiitake Salza. A heavenly taste!  You will all love this!

The photos were taken on the Francois Ferreira Academy Suppliers day which was a huge success.

Thanks to Chef Francois and his team at Francois Ferreira Academy!