Not just food…

What do you take out of your lockdown time?

Covid Lockdown gave us time to think and plan. Maybe it force us back to the drawing board. We are very excited with what we have in mind for the growth of Sharlebel.

Our chilli range: we have the best habanero sauce!  Tested in the local market and the people love it!  We are in a process to finalise our labels.

For the sweet tooth: Our mushroom chocolate range are a huge success with a wine pairing initiative.  We are planning to officially bring the chocolates in. Our Mushroom Dukkah Chocolates are absolutely divine!

Can’t say much but we are testing something new – Yum!

Design & Art: This is a totally new line and we are working hard on launching this by the end of the year.  Kitchen art!

Spice up your kitchen – We will bring you updates, recipes and interesting food news!